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An Evening at Cambium by Shona Marsh

Posted in by on July 16, 2015 and has no comments yet

I appreciate good food, but don’t always treat myself as much as I should (or think I should). And an evening at Cambium really is the ultimate treat.

The restaurant is so welcoming and light, beautiful green, gold and brown decor, and all totally appropriate to the Forest setting of Cambium. The attention to detail with the Forest theme was spot on, with a beautiful wooden stand on the table, potted herb, oak leaf metal work separating the sections of the restaurant, and plates painted to look like the cross-section of a tree trunk. I now want to redecorate at home.

The cooled pea soup as a taster definitely left us with the impression that our meal was going to be filled with big flavour dishes. The main menu leaves you feeling confused and spoiled for choice, I think my recommendation would just be to make a split second decision when the waiter asks for your selection. This meant we both ended up with scallops for a starter. This was a complete taste sensation, chef Paul Peter’s flavour combinations are a complete treat. Scallops with pear and hazelnuts might not sound traditional, but it definitely works.


For main courses we went for the duck and the lamb, with the idea that we could try a bit of each others. However, we both got carried away with our own meals and forgot about this. Duck with shiitake mushrooms, spinach and rhubarb, again not something you might put together, but the tart rhubarb with the port reduction and the succulent pink duck is definitely something you need to try once in your lifetime. Not that I managed to get a bite, but apparently the lamb with honeycomb and crumbed goats cheese was the ‘best thing I’ve ever tasted’. The wine chosen for us by the sommelier to accompany our meal choices was much appreciated and very well suited.

For dessert again we went for the same dish, the new lemon tart with strawberries and meringue. No words needed, after the description of the other courses, you can guess that this was not a disappointment! Apres-meal coffees were accompanied by some delicious, and very boozy, chocolates, the perfect end to a delicious meal.

Anna was our lovely server and we thought she was a real addition to the experience. She didn’t bother us too often, but was attentive, personable and really friendly.

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Photo 19-06-2015 21 23 17

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Cambium, the food, the atmosphere, the wine, the service, the attention to detail, it’s a very well thought through experience. It’s so hard to pick a choice for each course so we’d love to go back and try the taster menu so we don’t have to make the decisions ourselves next time!

To book a table at Cambium please call 01590 623551 or click here

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