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Careys Manor Hotel | Real Weddings – Leanne & Steve

Posted in by on June 3, 2014 and has 3 Comments

IMG_0066“It was the best day of our lives! Many, many people tell us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!”

The Proposal

Our fathers were both in the army and our parents seemed to have mirrored each other with several postings, jobs etc during our childhood years. Both our fathers were posted to Osnabruk in Germany. When talking as adults we found all this out and realised we had lived minutes away from each other in Osnabruk!

At the same time we realised this, my best friend was living in the same army accommodation that I had grown up in and so we took the opportunity to go and visit the area to re-live some childhood memories. We visited a park we both remembered spending a lot of time in when we were children and it was on a road that linked to the houses we lived in too.

Whilst walking through the park, in the snow, Steve suggested we take a photograph next to some gorgeous big fir trees. Our son took the photo and as he was about to take it, Steve dropped down on one knee and proposed!

Our paths crossed several times during our childhood and young adult lives and one day, we finally grew brave enough to tell each other we’d very much like to take the same pathway together for the rest of our lives.

photoThe Wedding Dress

I wore a beautiful handmade dress. It was champagne coloured satin with embroidered crystals and a pin up train.

The Groom’s Outfit

Steve wore a smart black suit with a tail. His Groomsmen wore matching suits with waistcoats and cravats in a pale gold to compliment my dress.

Your Bridesmaids

My sister and my best friend wore handmade, knee length dresses in pale gold. Our 3 young nieces wore pale gold dresses which were fitted at the top with layers of beautiful chiffon floating at the bottom, complimented with ballet shoes and a basket of flowers.

The Ceremony

Filled with love and happiness! We had 80 guests in the beautiful room at Careys. A very friendly registrar conducted the service. We didn’t stop smiling from start to finish. Our 8 year old son read a poem out loud as part of the ceremony which was perfect. Our bridesmaids sat on a little bench just to the side of us and it was very personal. We chose all our own music, flowers and decorations. We even arranged for engraved hankies to be placed on the seats where our mums sat. We cheered once we were married and walked out to happy music.

SL-00161-C1GThe Reception

Again, beautiful! The tables looked stunning and were arranged exactly how we asked. We opted for a deluxe BBQ with formal seating arrangements and this was just perfect. Everyone loved it and we still get comments on how fabulous it was today. I was invited to choose my food first, the Careys staff carried my train and plate – I felt like a princess! The food was the best we’ve ever had, truly delicious. After the amazing food and speeches we had music, dancing and lots more fun. We retired into the bar and lasted until around 2am.

The Décor

All in pale golds and ivory. We had flowers on the top table but we then had great balloon trees as centre pieces on all the other tables. The balloons were lit which looked amazing in the evening. We had children’s ‘bags of fun’ on the backs of their chairs filled with bubbles, puzzles, games, puppets and more to keep them entertained. All the men had a lottery ticket and all the ladies had one ivory rose with a scroll. Once they opened it they found a lovely poem about our wedding day.

How do you feel the day went?

It was the best day of our lives! Many, many people tell us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!

Which particular memories stand out for you?

Our son was also our ‘toast maker’ and he did a superb job with his engraved bell by standing on his chair and announcing the next speech. I also particularly like the part mentioned earlier about my dress and plate being carried to collect my meal!


For more information about our wedding venue in Hampshire, please contact our Wedding Coordinator Françoise Gysemans on 01590 625204 or email francoise@careysmanor.com.


  • Sonya

    Loved every minute of the day the setting was perfect, just as the bridge and groom, didn’t those groomsmen look handsome too, have had many a good times with all the Goodall Family and now with Leanne’s parents and family too x

  • Sharon Goodall

    It truly was the most beautiful day and one that we could relax and enjoy knowing that the Carey’s staff had thought of everything.
    Steve and Leanne now have two more sons and continue to be as happy as they were on their perfect day at Carey’s.
    We were then, and remain today, proud parents.

  • George Frost

    Great Location and a wonderful day for Steve and Leanne.
    Could not happen to a nicer couple than to have their day remembered by Careys Manor Hotel.
    It was a wonderful day and the North Wales mob remember it well, good family get together.

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