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Dinner Party Recipes | Crab Bordelaise

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Learn how to create delicious dishes for your dinner party like our Executive Chef, Paul Peters, starting with his Crab Bordelaise recipe below:

Crab Stock


500gr  Crab shells

1 White Spanish onions

1 Stick Celery

1 Carrots

2 Cloves Garlic

1 knob Ginger

1 gm Saffron

1 Bay leaves

1 Cinnamon quills

50 gm Tomato puree

1 Star anise

2 White pepper corns

1 orange zest

1 lemon zest

1 Bottle white wine

100ml Vegetable oil


Heat pot and add oil and leave till oil starts to smoke, then add crab shells. Cook shells till all liquid has gone and shells start to brown, then add vegetables and fry all till golden brown, once brown add tomato paste and cook out for 5 minutes. Add white wine and enough water to cover the shells, then add all other ingredient and bring to the boil. Once the stock has come to the boil skim and reduce the heat till the stock is simmering. Simmer stock for 45 minute and take off and strain.



2lt Crab Stock

200gm Chopped Shallots

200gm Mushrooms

1bt Rose Wine

500ml Cognac

1bt White Wine

300ml Double Cream


Reduce Cognac, rose wine and shallots till nearly all gone then add crab stock and double cream and bring to the boil, season and take of the stove and chill.

To Finish

1lt Bordelaise Sauce

50gm Chopped Chives

50gm Chopped Tarragon

50gm Chopped Parsley

20gm Chopped Chervil

200gm Crab Meat

50gm Butter

10ml Lemon


Place sauce on the stove and bring to the boil, when needed add the herb and butter, crab meat, taste for seasoning and add lemon.

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