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Impress Those Who Are Difficult To Buy For This Christmas

Posted in by on December 16, 2014 and has no comments yet

All You Need To Know About Gift Giving Etiquette

At a time of the year when all we’re buying is gifts for others (and maybe the occasional sneaky one for ourselves!) it’s best to remind ourselves of the etiquette behind gift-giving. With just a few simple pointers, you can make sure to impress even those who are always the difficult ones to buy for!

  1. Beautiful presentation is important. A badly wrapped but thoughtful present is like Michelin Star food slopped on a cardboard plate. The meal would taste so much better if it had been plated with care and attention to detail.

    It’s the same for gift giving – if you make sure it is presented immaculately then the receiver is more likely to perceive the gift to be more grandiose than it is – which is ideal when you’re wrapping up those socks for Dad!

Keep it simple by using plain wrapping paper, and elegant or decorative ribbons and bows. And if it is a squishy or oddly shaped item, try and find a suitably sized box to wrap it in! We all love wrapping a nice and easy square box!

  1. Attaching a small gift tag to the present itself gives you the perfect opportunity to explain why you have bought them that specific item. It’s a nice little idea we often forget about because we’re always preoccupied with buying everything else for wrapping – paper, ribbons and sticky tape are always what we think of first.

But by writing a little note which the receiver will read before they open the gift, they will be reminded of how you’ve been so thoughtful, before the unwrapping begins. Perfect for when you’ve bought something very unique to them!

  1. Choosing when to present the gift to them is also very important. In our increasingly hectic day to day lives, we have become accustomed to handing over presents in a bit of a hurry when it’s not with our family on the big day itself.

So make sure you’ve got the perfect setting to exchange gifts this Christmas with your loved ones you won’t be seeing on Christmas Day. Over lunch, or even just accompanied by some warming hot drinks can be the perfect way to make sure everyone gets the time to appreciate and enjoy unwrapping their presents.

Why not join us at Careys Manor this Christmas where our magical decorations and perfect pots of tea will provide the ideal location for meeting up with those who you won’t be seeing on the big day.

Find out more on our website, or contact us online. Alternatively, you can call us on 01590 623551 for further enquiries. 

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