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The History Of Mothering Sunday

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They’re patient, loving, caring and supportive. They put up with our tantrums (in both the toddler and teenage years), had restless sleeps until they heard us come in from nights out, nursed us when we were poorly, helped us with our homework and still cook the best roast dinner in the world (they can try but no one will ever make a roast quite like mummy!), so how do we thank these absolute super heroes who continue to be a strong support system even after we’ve flown the nest?

With this crazy little thing called life it’s not always easy to spend quality time with our nearest and dearest which is why Mother’s Day is such an important date for our calendars.

The History of Mother’s Day

The history of Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is traditionally called in the UK, goes back centuries with some historians believing it originated with the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

However the ‘modern day’ Mothering Sunday as we know it developed over the course of many years.

Centuries ago, the forth Sunday of lent was considered a day to celebrate and remember the Virgin Mary. It was years later that this this transcended into the traditions we have today.

Children often left their homes at an early age to serve as domestic servants or apprentices. To honour the forth Sunday of Lent, they were granted leave from their roles to visit their Mothers and also their ‘Mother Church’ – meaning the one located in their hometown.

It was around this time that the tradition of ‘treating’ your Mother was born and over the years has developed into what we now know as Mothering Sunday.

Interestingly, the day was once also known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’ – as this was the one day during lent that the rules were relaxed, allowing those who were fasting or giving up an item to eat more freely to celebrate with their family.

Thank you mum!

So we believe in honour of Refreshment Sunday, it’s time to treat your Mum to a scrumptious Afternoon Tea! Set in the heart of the beautiful New Forest; spend the afternoon relaxing with the finest treats, refreshing cocktails and just time together to laugh, love and reflect on the wonderful bond between mother and child.

Our Head Chef Paul’s ‘Pop Up Pâtissière’ is open for one day only, celebrating all the wonderful super mums out there. Bring yours to Careys Manor for a delicious afternoon tea and iced tea cocktails for the best Mother’s Day treat ever! With finely cut sandwiches, homemade cakes and mouth-watering scones, she’ll feel well and truly spoilt on the day with such a selection to choose from.

Served from 2.30 till 5.30, indulge your Sunday hunger and pay tribute to the tradition of Refreshment Sunday!

To find out more about our special Mother’s Day afternoon tea here, please click here. To make a reservation, please contact us on 01590 624467 or contact us online.

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