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The New Forest Pony Drift

Posted in by on October 6, 2014 and has no comments yet

Did you know that the New Forest Ponies are privately owned?NFDC_2009_033They are owned by individuals called ‘Commoners’ and this tradition dates back 2000 years. The term ‘Commoner’ means people who have rights of common pasture over the forest lands. The right is free however there is an annual fee to be paid by the Commoners to employ the Agisters.

The ponies play a huge role in the Biodiversity of the forest and together with the National Park Authority, the owners must carry out an annual inspection on the animals.

Around this time of year the Commoners and Agisters, employed by the Verderers of the New Forest, gather together to round up all the forest ponies for an annual health check, to ensure they are wearing reflective collars, inoculate them and keep track on foaling in the area.

To find out more about Pony Drifts in the New Forest click here.

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