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The New Forest Wildlife – What Will You See During Your Stay?

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Our Hampshire Hotel is situated in the beautiful New Forest National Park meaning we’re surrounded by lovely wildlife. During your stay at Careys Manor our Concierge can recommend some great walking routes across the forest where you can admire the wildlife in its natural environment.


Wandering across many parts of the forest are the famous New Forest Ponies. Although privately owned, the ponies are able to roam across large parts of the area and are very used to their human neighbours.

Foal at Aldridge Hill


Like the ponies, you will often find cattle grazing in the forest. This is an interesting sight as they come in all kinds of different breeds and some are quite distinctive like the one pictured below.



During the autumn months pigs are allowed to work their way through parts of the forest eating the acorns. This traditional event is called Pannage and plays an important part in the conservation of the forest and its wildlife. (Photo Credit Chris Balcombe)


Like the ponies and cattle, the donkeys roam the forest all year round and are more docile and friendly than the others. They quite like mingling with the tourists in Brockenhurst village or sunbathing on the grassland.

Donkeys at Sway


Notoriously shy, the deer will hide away in the quieter areas during daylight before heading towards the roadsides at night. They are herd animals so they mingle in their groups which is a wonderful sight if you’re lucky enough to spot them!


Other animals to look out for include badgers, foxes, grey squirrels, rabbits, reptiles and the occasional domestic cat – we are located in a village after all!

A word of advice

Please do not feed the ponies or donkeys. Not only is it dangerous for the animals but there is a bylaw which forbids the feeding of livestock in the area and if you are caught you can be fined £200 and even receive a criminal record. Aside from that, these animals are wild therefore they have plenty to eat in the forest, plus they may bite or kick if they do not get any treats!

To plan your stay in the New Forest at our Hampshire hotel, take a look at our luxury short breaks and offers or call 01590 624467

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