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Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Posted in by on November 7, 2014 and has no comments yet

Planning a wedding is a huge task; with so many decisions to make, things to organise and people constantly bombarding you with questions, stress levels can run very high. The run up to your wedding should be one of the happiest times of your life not dodging questions from your future mother in law and getting bogged down with emails.

Here are our 5 reasons why your wedding planner at the Careys Manor Hotel will become your best friend.

Careys Manor Wedding Coordinator, Francoise Gysemans


Keep stress to a minimum

Francoise is an expert at helping you to prioritise tasks and establish what the most important things to do are. She’ll consider the tiny details, the things you’ve never considered – how should the napkins be folded?, who will be your master of ceremonies? Have you checked the registrar is available? She’s there to remember the details, to ask all the right questions and to keep you on track.


The little black book

Francoise has worked on multiple events and therefore has established relationships with all kinds of wedding suppliers – photographers, florists, DJs and more. She will have spent time researching and meeting with suppliers to know who is the for every budget, and know who can be trusted to deliver a first class service.


Knowledge and Advice

Most people are planning their wedding with no prior knowledge or experience of how to throw a large-scale event. Of course there are books, help from friends and family, but a wedding coordinator has seen and experienced many events – in Francoise’s case over 1000! She comes equipped with extensive knowledge gained from years of experience and ready to pass on the best advice to you.


Ready to overcome challenges

“A few years back a bride arrived in her wedding car and the door would not open! Later that evening she fell and broke her wrist on the dance floor and subsequently had to cancel her honeymoon”. Francoise is passionate about her job and loves a challenge. Her patience and calming persona make her the person you want there when a crisis ensues.


No worries on the day

Francoise and her team will be there on the day to carry out all the important details and little touches you have been dreaming about. You should have complete peace of mind on your wedding day that everything will run smoothly, the room will be set up as you want it and everyone will be in the right place at the right time.


Start planning your wedding today and make an appointment with wedding coordinator Francoise Gysemans. Call 01590 625204 or contact us.

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