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The Experts Corner | Wine Selection

Posted in by on January 22, 2015 and has no comments yet

Careys_WineWhen it comes to wine, we all have different tastes. There’s nothing better than a good bottle of wine with a meal, one that brings out all the flavours on your plate and sends your taste buds into a frenzy!

As our Group Head Sommelier, David Kubler has the knowledge behind him to advise our guests on the perfect pairing for their dining experience; you’d be surprised how much this can make a difference!

How do you choose a bottle of wine?

“I like the wine to have a personality, a story behind it. I prefer labels that look sophisticated and unlike something you could buy at your local shop. I believe whilst we eat with our eyes, we also do the same with a bottle of wine therefore names and appearance is quite important.”

What are your tips on pairing food and wine?

“Stay simple and match the colour. Red meat – red wine, white meat – white wine. Don’t forget the sauce or garnish either, for example a red meat dish with a spicy sauce pairs very well with a red wine full of spicy flavour.”

What do you think is the more versatile wine?

“Definitely Riesling for white as you can find either extremely dry or extremely sweet, the aromatic palate is very complex.”

Would you say red wine is superior to white?

“Everyone has their own opinion! Are The Beatles better than The Rolling Stones?”

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